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Decision of quarterly cash dividend (CJ CheilJedang)

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1. Dividend per share: KRW 1,000 (common share), KRW 1,000 (class of share)
2. Dividend yield ratio: 0.3% (common share), 0.6% (class of share)
3. Total amount of dividend: KRW 16,023,187,000
4. Fixed date for dividend: Sep. 30, 2022
5. Expected date of dividend payment: -
6. Expected date of general shareholders' meeting: -
7. Conclusion by the Board: Nov. 14, 2022 (Four outside directors attended the meeting.)
8. Others
- The company approved the dividend policy for fiscal year 2021~2023 to enhance shareholder value through a resolution of the BOD on February 14, 2022, and decided to implement quarterly dividends from 2022. Article 34-2 (Quarterly Dividend) Paragraph 1 of the Articles of Incorporation stipulates that profits can be distributed based on the last days of March, June and September.
- Class of stock refers to preferred stock, and the same dividend rate as common stock can be applied to preferred stock when making quarterly dividends in accordance with Article 34-2 (Quarterly Dividend) Paragraph 3 of the Articles of Incorporation.
- Dividends are scheduled to be paid within 20 days from the date of the resolution of the BOD in accordance with Article 165-12 of the Capital Market and Financial Investment Business Act.